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Mental Health
Zucker Hillside Hospital Redevelopment and Child and Adolescents Center of Excellence

Zucker Hillside Hospital Redevelopment and Child and Adolescent Center of Excellence

Queens, New York
Northwell Health Zucker Hillside Hospital is a pioneering behavioral health clinical, teaching, and research campus. architecture+ was a member of the design team that prepared a feasibility study to expand their nationally recognized center. Our team explored three scenarios (new construction, vertical expansion, and renovation) and included programming, building massing, and cost analysis studies.
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Mental Health
Zucker Hillside 2
Zucker Hillside 2
New Behavioral Health Center
The new Behavioral Health Center on the Zucker Hillside Hospital Campus will provide much-needed early intervention services to children, adolescents, and young adults. The 136-bed facility will also house associated support services, recreational space, an admissions and medical services clinic, and a new free-standing kitchen that will serve the entire Zucker Hillside Hospital Campus. Other amenities will include a family lounge and a secure roof garden.
Reduction of violence and aggression
The planning for the building was informed by significant research about environmental strategies that decrease stress and reduce the incidence of violence and aggression. These research-informed strategies include plentiful natural light, views of the outdoors, access to outdoor space, provision of space, decreased spatial density, decreased social density, allowing patients safe choice, smaller group sizes, and an increase in the number of private bedrooms.

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