Wyoming State Psychiatric Exterior Wyoming State Psychiatric Exterior
Mental Health
Wyoming State Hospital

Wyoming State Hospital

State of Wyoming |Evanston, Wyoming
The new Wyoming State Hospital consolidates civil and forensic inpatient units, administration, and support services that were spread throughout an existing campus into a single building. The project began with a pre-design phase where architecture+ developed a statement of probable size, cost, and organization that informed the State’s budgeting process.
Project Type:
Mental Health
Wyoming State Psychiatric Interior
Wyoming State Psychiatric Interior
Maximum flexibility
The facility provides three 24-bed adult units and 32 forensic beds arranged in 4-bed and 6-bed sub clusters for maximum flexibility. New engaging treatment spaces, outdoor recreation areas, and central support functions all contribute to increased operational efficiency and a therapeutic environment. The interior design concept and palette of finishes was directly influenced by the programmatic hierarchy and spatial organization of the Hospital as well as the Wyoming landscape.
The hospital is arranged using the House-Neighborhood-Downtown model developed by architecture+. It provides setting and care strategies with an array of normalizing opportunities. The high plains with its calming earth tones and textures are reflected within the House. Rich, warm expressions from the hills and canyons are demonstrated throughout the Neighborhood. Bright, cool hues derived from the big sky and mountains are implemented into the Downtown. The use of rich colors on ceiling planes, mirrored floor finish patterns, and a wide variety of furnishings and graphic wayfinding techniques not only create a therapeutic setting but also help to distinguish spaces for a balanced living environment.
Phased construction
Phased construction allowed existing beds to be relocated into new construction with subsequent renovations to the existing inpatient building for administrative and support functions.

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