Inspired design to build thriving academic communities
Higher Education
Inspired design solves problems, creates opportunities, and enhances the experience of the students, faculty, and staff of the institutions we serve. The result is places that have enduring beauty and inherent comfort enabling us to live, work, learn, and play in harmony with our built environment.
Milne Library
Holistic Approach
We understand how well-designed campus facilities help colleges and universities to attract, motivate, and retain students as well as faculty and staff. We have experience in a wide array of project types and we approach all projects, regardless of size or scope, as opportunities to both teach and learn for us, our clients, and our subconsultants.
Improving Student Experience
As higher education evolves, we find that through working closely with both the campus representatives and the students we can better understand shifts in culture, pedagogy, and technology occurring on campus. A thorough understanding of these issues allows us to focus on design strategies to enhance their learning and living environments. As designers, our goal is to create spaces that support the students’ social and academic lives to positively impact their collegiate experience.
Bollback student life center exterior
Comprehensive Understanding
We have been working with leading colleges and universities for over thirty years. We understand the wide range of issues that influence the design of educational buildings, including the academic and funding schedules and processes that drive these projects and broader, campus-wide factors such as master planning, campus utilities, and population and scholastic trends. Our higher education clients are among the region’s leading colleges and universities.
HVCC Administration
Client Collaboration
Our clients are an integral part of our design team and we work closely together from start to finish. We treat our clients as partners and collaborate closely with them to envision, generate, and evaluate design alternatives.
"The team advocated for the campus through creativity, sustainable design, response to faculty requirements, sensitivity to overarching campus planning objectives, and attention to our needs during construction."
Tom Rathbone, Associate Vice President Facilities (ret.), SUNY Oneonta
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Higher Education
Fitzelle Hall, SUNY Oneonta
Integrating the professors and students of six academic departments with visual connectivity, light-filled circulation, and abundant spaces for collaboration.
2014 Year
104,000SF Size
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Higher Education
Milne Library Interior Renovation, SUNY Oneonta
A reimagined college library that improves the student experience by incorporating an Academic Success Center, Accessibility Resources, and a Learning Commons.
2018 Year
95,000SF Size
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Higher Education
Dutch Quad Residence Halls/Health Services Renovations - University at Albany
A comprehensive residence hall renovation that incorporates the Campus Health, Counseling, and Wellness Center, and a café for social collaboration.
2019 Year
59,700SF Size
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Higher Education
Bollback Student Center, Word of Life Bible Institute
This sustainably designed student life center connects this Adirondack campus to its lakefront setting while creating a vibrant social hub for dining, recreation, and learning.
2017 Year
37,500SF Size
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Higher Education
Administration Building, Hudson Valley Community College
Creating a new a campus quadrangle and pedestrian gateway with a modern facility for administrators, faculty, and students.
2007 Year
43,000SF Size