International leaders in the design of humane therapeutic environments
We are committed to assisting caregivers who help those coping with mental illness. We believe in rigorous work informed by research and imbued with an honest appreciation of the dignity of those who suffer.

Unparalleled expertise
Our breadth and depth of expertise in the planning, design, and development of mental health settings that is unparalleled in North America. We have been designing mental healthcare facilities for over thirty-five years and are recognized internationally for our commitment to design for special populations and for our skill in designing a wide range of environments that deliver effective treatment. Our experience encompasses every patient cohort, diagnosis, and setting and we have created over 25,000 mental health beds in forty-three states and provinces.
LEED certified facilities
architecture+ has also worked on more LEED® certified psychiatric facilities than any other architecture firm and we are uniquely aware of opportunities to incorporate energy efficient and environmentally friendly initiatives that are supportive of the specialized patient population and staff in terms of safety, security and patient care, treatment, and efficacy.
Worcester Recovery Adult Yard
1 Worcester-Recovery-Adult-Yard-1
EDAC advocates
We are widely recognized as a leader in the development of an evidence-based design practice culture in North America and are an Advocate Firm of The Center for Health Design’s EDAC (Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification) Program.
TG Rainier Tower Adolescent
TG Rainier Tower Adolescent BHU
Lessons learned
architecture+ offers our clients the benefit of the broadest and most recent experience available. We are able to focus immediately on what is uniquely important to the success of a given project and are able to share lessons learned from projects across North America. In addition, architecture+ develops and maintains the Patient Safety Standards, Materials and Systems Guidelines (click here) for the New York State Office of Mental Health.
Worcester Recovery Unit B
Enabling staff
We treasure opportunities to create environments where the mentally ill can find respite and healing and where clinical staff feels enabled, rather than inhibited, by a building’s design.
"Their ability to take issues seriously, and provide well-thought-out responses and design solutions is exemplary."
Schuyler Larrabee, RA, Senior Program Manager, Division of Capital Asset Management, Massachusetts
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Mental Health
Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital
A world-class hospital that melds clinical and architectural programs to create a recovery-focused clinical tool reflecting house, neighborhood, and downtown.
2012 Year
480,000SF Size
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Mental Health
Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital
A healthcare facility that provides safety and security for patients within a state-of-the-art therapeutic environment.
2014 Year
4,500SF Size
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Mental Health
Behavioral Health Pavilion, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Enabling patient-centered care for children at the country’s largest freestanding, full-service psychiatric facility.
2020 Year
385,280SF Size
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Mental Health
Juravinski Centre for Integrated Healthcare
A ground-breaking mental health center that integrates inpatient care, outpatient services, and cutting-edge research under one roof.
2014 Year
930,000SF Size
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Mental Health
Oregon State Hospital
Creating two new, sustainable mental health campuses for the State of Oregon.
2011 Year
1,700,000SF Size