We create buildings that flow organically from the needs of those who use them.
“architecture+ believes in a life of service to the world using design as a creative problem-solving discipline for the benefit of our clients and communities. We serve our clients through the creation of resonantly beautiful places resulting from a creative response to community, a client’s mission, and a building’s own circumstance; all within the context of service.”

Francis Murdock Pitts, FAIA, Founder, architecture+
In our practice, balance is the overarching objective. We believe in finding a balance between the values of design excellence, social purpose, environmental stewardship, and expert service. We believe that the success of our practice, and truly great architecture, lies in finding that appropriate balance for each project and client.
Design Excellence
Designing structures of enduring beauty
We believe that the design of the built environment directly impacts both the long-term quality of life for our communities as well as the ability of our clients’ to fulfill their mission. Design excellence is an essential factor in every project’s success and requires a holistic, integrated approach. We look for design excellence and inspiration in every project we undertake with the understanding that the design of a building is both an art and a science. We, therefore, strive to design buildings and places with both rich aesthetic beauty and high technical performance.
Social Purpose
Creating places that inspire people to live, work, and play together
We believe that design should serve humanity. Inspired places have a social purpose that is rooted in both culture and history. We strive to respect and preserve our cultural and historical architectural heritage while simultaneously reaching for contemporary design expressions that integrate our best cultural understanding and social aspirations. Broad experience in planning supports the kind of innovative place-making that enriches community life.
Environmental Stewardship
Stewarding our natural and civic environments
We believe that environmental stewardship is a basic responsibility for every design professional. We believe that a building’s relationship to its site and context is just as important as its architectural expression. We, therefore, look for the unique natural circumstances of the site as well as the civic and cultural influences that might inform our design work in a way that works in harmony with its surroundings and is more timeless than trendy.
Expert Service
Serving the purpose and mission of our clients with insight and expertise We believe in gaining expertise in our clients’ work so that we can understand the unique parameters of a specific project. A deep knowledge of particular building types, and the clients who make use of them, enables us to focus on innovation and each client’s unique goals. Expertise in codes, regulations, and technical performance as well as managing the available resources of schedule and finances all come to bear in a successful client relationship.