Transforming communities through innovative design
We provide planning and design services for a wide array of market-rate housing, affordable housing, townhouses, campus residence halls, residential treatment facilities, supportive housing, senior housing, and custom private residences. We approach all of our housing projects with an ever-increasing knowledge base and sensitivity to the end-user that has been developed through decades of designing for such diverse populations.
Emma Willard School
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Understanding Issues
Our focus on our clients’ needs and ability to work with them has been particularly beneficial in helping to overcome typical obstacles such as project funding, consensus building, and regulatory review and approval. We understand that issues such as budget, space utilization, adaptive reuse, historic significance, energy efficiency, handicapped accessibility, and public safety can be paramount to a successful project.
Regulatory Expertise
We have experience designing housing projects that receive funding from NYS HCR 9% and HFA 4%. Many of our renovation projects have also needed to comply with State and Federal governing standards for the renovation of historic buildings. Consequently, we have considerable experience working in cooperation with the State Historic Preservation Office.
Transformative Housing
We believe that well-designed housing has the power to stabilize and transform neighborhoods, impacting the social, cultural, and economic vibrancy of our communities.
"Most importantly, of course, is the fact that our students love the new Ashokan Hall. It is now the most heavily sought after residential hall on our campus."
John McEnrue, Director of Facilities, Design and Construction, SUNY New Paltz
Poestenkill Place
Adding value to an historic industrial neighborhood with contemporary affordable housing and urban greenspace.
2019 Year
132,000SF Size
Mixed-Use Developments
Three market-rate apartment buildings with modern amenities designed to complement each of their unique urban infill sites.
2019 Year
426,000SF Size
Troy City Center
A modern mixed-use development that evokes the adjacent historic architecture and provides a vital pedestrian link to the Hudson River.
2011 Year
Residential Facility Conceptual Design, College of Saint Rose
New urban residential streetscapes and courtyards encourage pedestrian comfort and enhances the campus neighborhood character.
2014 Year
Alumni Quad, University at Albany
A new residential university campus that integrates student apartments, dining, retail, fitness, and social spaces in an historic urban neighborhood.
2017 Year