Providing leadership for a sustainable built environment
Environmental stewardship is a basic responsibility for every design professional and is an integral part of our design approach. We believe that a building’s relationship to its site, context, and environment is a vital part of its architectural expression. We look for the unique natural circumstances of the site, along with careful material and systems selections, to create a holistically sustainable project.
Cost reduction
architecture+ was an early advocate for sustainable design. We incorporate our building technology expertise into our comprehensive approach. We provide clients with sustainable options and systems that reduce operating costs, energy usage, and carbon footprint that their staff can operate, maintain, and improve over time. We consider it our responsibility to inform and educate owners on the pros and cons of each option as well as their associated capital costs and payback.
Committed to sustainability
architecture+ has been an integral team member for many sustainable design projects of various scales and building types both regionally and nationally. We have been the project lead on several successfully certified LEED Silver and LEED Gold buildings and have a deep understanding of and familiarity with the entire process and all that it entails. Regardless of whether or not LEED certification is an expressed goal of a project, sustainable design principals are an inherent and integral part of our design process and overall project approach. In addition to LEED, we have substantial experience working with Passive House Design, Executive Order 88, NYSERDA, and the New York State Green Building Tax Credit.
AIA 2030 Commitment
We are a signatory firm and strong supporter of the American Institute of Architect’s 2030 Commitment. The 2030 Commitment is an effort to combat climate change by promoting design and construction of carbon neutral buildings and developments by the year 2030. As designers, we feel that we are uniquely qualified to bring our collaborative design approach and strong technical knowledge together to work towards a more sustainable built environment.
"architecture+ did a tremendous job of listening to our wish list and incorporating those dreams into a magnificent, beautiful, and energy efficient facility."
Dr. Candace Vancko, President, SUNY Delhi
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Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital Study
One of the first psychiatric facilities in the nation to achieve LEED Gold certification.
2012 Year
480,000SF Size
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Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital
Creative and innovative products and strategies work together to meet State-mandated standards for energy efficiency and sustainable construction methods.
2014 Year
4,500SF Size
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Fitzelle Hall, SUNY Oneonta
The rehabilitation and addition to this outdated campus building resulted in an energy-saving facility that is 20% more efficient than required by New York State Energy Conservation Code.
2014 Year
104,000SF Size
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Ridgeview Residence Hall, SUNY New Paltz
A new LEED Silver facility that incorporates a high performance building envelope, energy conservation, and green building materials.
2015 Year
60,000SF Size
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Crispell Hall Renovation, SUNY New Paltz
The first-ever LEED certified Gold building on an environmentally-conscious campus committed to sustainability.
2011 Year
49,000SF Size