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Saratoga Cardiology Associates

Saratoga Cardiology Associates

Saratoga Cardiology Associates, PC|Saratoga Springs, New York
This 28,000 square foot cardiology center houses a consortium of doctors and served as the first and primary anchor building in a new medical/technical office park in Saratoga Springs, New York. The doctors were interested in providing their patients with continuing care and so the center was designed with an 8,000 square foot wellness center.
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General Healthcare
28,000 SF
Here, patients can pursue their rehabilitation under supervised care as well as receive continued preventative healthcare. Other components in the facility include examination rooms, nuclear imaging facilities, a hematology laboratory, private offices, conferencing center, and administrative areas.
"Cardiovascular care and wellness are supported by the distinctly unique design of Saratoga Cardiology."
Dr. Roland Phillips