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CapitalCare Family Practice

Capital Care Family Practice

CapitalCare Network|Guilderland, New York
This new 23,000 square foot primary care center was programmed, designed, and constructed by architecture+ for the Capital Care Medical Group. The facility currently accommodates five physicians and their staff along with a phlebotomy lab. In addition, it houses tenant space for many alternate health-related services including cardiology, physical therapy, orthopedics, podiatry, and radiology. architecture+ was involved in the programming and design for each of these new tenant spaces.
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General Healthcare
23,000 SF
One of the main design objectives was to bring natural light into as many spaces as possible. Natural light not only reduces the building's overall energy usage but it has been shown to improve occupant health and increase worker retainage.

Every exam room and corridor in the primary care center was provided with windows to the exterior and skylights were installed in the central reception area. Care was also given to the facility's interior finishes. Products were selected for aesthetics as well as their durability and ease of maintenance. The palette of warm natural woods along with gold, green, and teal strikes a balance that maintains the feel of a professional clinic with personal comfort.