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SUNY Oneonta|Oneonta, New York
The Counseling, Health, and Wellness Center at SUNY Oneonta was constructed in 1966 as an infirmary with many hospital-type rooms and had not been significantly renovated since. The renovated facility provides a variety of health services including nutrition, wellness, and counseling programs. The facility has ten exam rooms with one dedicated to triage and one dedicated as a quarantine/short term observation area. Each has a client bathroom to provide a private, residential feel.
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The Center also houses a laboratory that offers services such as phlebotomy and urinalysis, and a pharmacy that stocks a limited number of prescription and over the counter medications for students. We designed a new and enlarged nurse’s station with semi-flexible work stations for staff, as well as a traditional check-in and reception area and electronic check-in stations, a new waiting area, and offices for staff. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle assessments are provided to students in a dedicated Health Educator office in the building.
The counseling program provides wellness, mental health, and substance abuse counseling. To support this program, a separate reception area and waiting room have been provided as well as eight private offices, a new break room, records storage, and medical storage room. A conference room with enhanced media and presentation capabilities will be cross purposed for staff continuing education and to facilitate wellness programs.
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The building was designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification and incorporated many sustainable practices. All hazardous materials were removed from the existing building and construction debris was recycled to the greatest extent possible. The building envelope was improved by adding spray foam insulation to the existing brick veneer exterior walls, new energy efficient windows with high performance glazing, and a new roofing system with increased insulation. Water use was reduced with efficient plumbing fixtures and irrigation was not included on-site. Materials were selected to reduce indoor air pollutants and provide the greatest indoor air quality possible.
All attempts were made to incorporate design features to reduce the overall energy consumption of the building, from energy efficient LED light fixtures, to mechanical equipment that has variable speed drives to match required needs, and is monitored and controlled through the campus Building Management System to reduce consumption when the building is not occupied. A commissioning agent was retained to verify that all of the new systems are performing as per the energy efficient design.
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In addition, architecture+ provided full interior design services including the selection and procurement of furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Careful consideration was made in the use of more contemporary design techniques and color schemes to better represent the demographic of the patient population. Vibrant pops of color located throughout the corridor and exam rooms highlight design features and patient points of interest. Counseling offices and staff respite spaces have a calming color palette to encourage a more tranquil atmosphere. The comprehensive furniture package for these spaces complete and enhance the overall interior design of the building.
"architecture+ performed superbly on the rehabilitation of our campus Health Center. They transformed a somewhat dated c. 1965 building into an attractive, pleasant building for our students and staff. Their attention to detail, sensitivity to client needs, and adhering to schedules during design and construction reflect highly upon their service to the campus."
Tom Rathbone Associate Vice President, Facilities, SUNY Oneonta