Nathan Littaeur MOB Nathan Littaeur MOB
General Healthcare
New Campus Medical Office Building

Nathan Littauer Medical Office Building

Nathan Littauer|Gloversville, New York
architecture+ designed a new primary medical care facility on the Nathan Littauer Hospital Campus. The project was undertaken to improve community access to medical care by moving primary care services from various locations within the hospital to a more prominent location on Campus.
Project Type:
General Healthcare
Nathan Littaeur MOB exterior
Nathan Littaeur MOB exterior
Consolidation of Services
There were approximately ten existing on-campus providers who occupied offices in various locations with the main hospital. The patient volume seen by these providers was close to 152 patients in a 9.5 hour workday, or 16 patients per hour. Consolidation of these services into a dedicated facility designed to specifically handle this volume of patients gave the staff a more efficient work environment, the patients easier access with dedicated parking close to the building, and the hospital gained back available space to expand other services.
Comfortable interior environment
The new facility is a two-story, 12,600 square foot structure. The lower level and first floor are organized with distinct clinical hubs around a central staff support area. Each hub contains six provider workstations, a clinical team zone for six medical assistants and two touchdown stations for selected members of the care team, and nine patient care exam and talk rooms. The talk rooms are for consultations with patients who do not require the use of an exam table. The staff support area on the first floor includes a phlebotomy lab. Additional spaces include reception, testing and diagnostics, and administrative offices. The finishes of the interior environment were selected to create comfortable and thoughtful spaces for patients and staff.

The project was completed in March 2020 and funded by a State Transformational Grant.