a+ at Selux Lighting Factory

Selux Lighting VIP Tour

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Members of the a+ team were offered a first-hand look at lighting production at the Selux Lighting Factory in Highland, NY. The VIP tour was led by Selux CEO Peter Stanway, Regional Sales Manager Sandra Stashik, and Vice President of Inside Sales Fabian Juhr. Our team learned about the importance of addressing light pollution through the use of Dark Sky fixtures, the integration of lighting with wall panels, and was able to view the UL testing laboratory. The factory houses a number of outsourced raw materials in small batches but the majority of the assembly is performed in-house. This approach supports continual product exploration and development.

What were our fan favorites? Solar powered Antares and Multi-functional Modular Columns

Check out @lightspec_LLC and @seluxnorthamerica on Instagram.  Thank you both for providing a fun and informative day!