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Higher Education
Seik Campus Center

Seik Campus Center

Hudson Valley Community College|Troy, New York
architecture+ designed revisions for the Campus Center as part of the implementation of the 2001-2006 Facilities Utilization Plan. The project includes extensive programmatic revisions of the 93,000 square foot Student Union Building. The key design elements for this project are the stair openings that connect the first and second floors both physically and visually. Glazed store fronts separate office suites from social spaces yet maintain the open plan of the Campus Center.
Project Type:
Higher Education
Student Life
$7.4 million (construction)
93,000 SF
The facility includes support services and social spaces, such as food service venues, a bookstore, counseling, and related office space. Vibrant colors on the walls and furnishings bring new life to this previously dreary facility. The easily maintained and durable furniture is contemporary and playful. It is arranged thoughtfully to encourage student use. architecture+ designed a wide array of seating arrangements by selecting a comprehensive collection of furnishings and fixtures for all of these spaces.
"architecture+ brought our campus into the 21st century by designing buildings that are attractive, functional, and comfortable."
Steve F. Cowan, Physical Plant Director, Hudson Valley Community College