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Mental Health
Ross Pavilion

Ross Pavilion

New York State Office of Mental Health|Poughkeepsie, New York
The Hudson River Psychiatric Center (HRPC) selected architecture+ to design a 6,000 square foot program addition to compliment the renovation of their 150-bed inpatient hospital. The addition houses classrooms, a multifunctional room, a teaching kitchen, and a large gathering space.
Project Type:
Mental Health
6,000 SF
The addition was designed to be a fun, yet calming, environment where clients receive treatment while building independence and respect. The building embodies these ideals through the use of color and open inviting spaces that encourage growth and social interaction.
The project has been well received by HRPC staff. According to facility director Jean Wolfersteig, the staff are “truly delighted to have treatment programs held in such beautiful, light-filled spaces, conducive to making progress and developing self-confidence and hope.” HPRC has named the addition “Wellness Center” to signify its role in the hospital.
"architecture+ created an environment that expresses hope, respect, and dignity while fostering independence. What a significant difference it has made!"
Jean Wolfersteig, Executive Director, Hudson River Psychiatric Center