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French House

Russell Sage College|Troy, New York
architecture+ restored this two-hundred-year-old building to its former grandeur. Built as a private residence, French House has been used by the college as a residence for over fifty years and is currently one of their residential theme houses. The project included renovating the building, restoring all of the public spaces, modernizing bedrooms and bathrooms, and stabilizing structural elements.
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Higher Education
Student Housing
French House Interior
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We replicated and restored the hardwood floors and restored the original finishes to all rooms including walls, moldings, windows, trim, and decorative paint elements. Finally, we improved life safety by creatively designing a vertical stair expansion to the upper level of the building to allow for two interior egress paths.
"With the help of architecture+, the historic French House on the Russell Sage College campus has been restored to its former grandeur."
Dr. Jeanne H. Neff, President (former), The Sage Colleges