Base Lodge Renovation and Master Plan

Gore Mountain|North Creek, New York
The Base Lodge at Gore Mountain, a popular Adirondack ski resort with year-round activities, had not undergone a major renovation in years. It was also not large enough to accommodate many of the special and private events that take place at the resort.
Project Type:
Interior View 5
Interior View 5
Adirondack Great Camp motif
architecture+ worked with the staff from Gore Mountain and the New York State Olympic Redevelopment Authority (which operates the ski area) to renovate portions of the original structure including the Tannery bar/restaurant and design an 8,000 square foot, two story addition.

We designed the renovation of the Tannery to update the space with a modern interpretation of the Adirondack Great Camp motif. In addition, we improved circulation, expanded the kitchen, and relocated the bar to a central location.

The addition allows the resort to accommodate larger, year-round events and is designed to maximize views of the slope. At the client’s request, we successfully designed the addition so that it blends seamlessly with the existing building as well as reinforce the Adirondack Great Camp motif.
Fast-track construction
The base lodge addition was built utilizing an aggressive fast-track construction process. Construction for the project began in mid-June of 2018 and was substantially complete for the beginning of the ski season by the end of November 2018; a five months construction duration.

A critical part of the base lodge addition was the enlargement and reconfiguration of the Tannery kitchen and relocation of the bar area. These simple, but critical moves combined with the expanded seating allowed the Tannery to serve significantly more patrons each day.