architecture+ has established a reputation as creative and competent facility and master planners and has successfully developed hundreds of program studies, facility utilization plans, capital plans, feasibility studies, and master plans for various organizations, institutions, state agencies, and campuses. We have performed planning services for all of our client and projects types, relying upon our experience and expertise in education, healthcare, housing, and community projects. As such, our clients have received effective planning and development tools for a wide range of project sizes, from small-scale additions to large multi-use sites involving millions of square feet.

In particular, architecture+ has developed staffing and space utilization databases for the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYS-OMH). These databases serve as a planning tool that allows us to project the size of entire hospitals and individual departments within them based upon a simple series of input variables. We have simultaneously developed a proprietary database of over seventy public psychiatric hospitals. This wealth of information is shared with colleagues and service providers and forms the basis for a number of planning tools used by architecture+.

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