Plum Building & Ferry Street Mall
Plum Building & Ferry Street Mall
Troy, New York
The Sage Colleges

The Plum Building, which houses administrative offices, is constructed of granite and brownstone. In 1999 the exterior was cleaned with mild detergent and low pressure washing. All mortar joints were raked out and repointed with a convex round profile to match original tooling. Brownstone was repaired using composite patching methods and extensive granite rebuilding was completed to correct a displaced chimney and walls. Sealant joints were replaced and new replacement windows that match the original window profiles were installed for energy performance.

The Ferry Street Mall connects First and Second Streets. We reconfigured this area to create more open space and complement the Victorian-style buildings that are predominant on the campus. The landscaping preserves historic trees and other plantings. We defined the campus edges by recreating historic fencing and introducing interesting iron detailing.

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